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Campervan Friendly Locations in Sweden

Sweden Motorhomes

Campervan with lake in backfround

A campervan allows you to travel and see the beautiful sceneries around Sweden. The country is renowned for historic cities and wonderful wilds. More importantly, it also boasts of some of the most excellent and spell-binding campervan friendly locations. Despite the population of roughly 10 million, Sweden is remarkably friendly to campervan travels. The following are the locations worth driving your Swedish campervan rental to when in the country.


The city is Sweden’s thriving heart. Its population stands at around 1 million people. The actual city is spread over 14 islands. This explains why any campervan tour around Sweden should begin at Stockholm. One of the most popular activities to do while driving a campervan is stopping at Skansen, which is located on the beautiful Djurgarden Island. Other places worth traveling to while inside your campervan include:

  • Kosterhavet National Park
  • Gripsholm Castle
  • Salen Ski Resort


It’s also known as the waterfront city of Sweden. It’s only four kilometers away from Denmark. The city is close to the beautiful sea and its beaches that run for around 25 kilometers make a campervan tour one of the best and most memorable activities you will ever do here. The city hosts one of the premier open air centers in Sweden known as The Fredriksdal Museum. With a labyrinth of regal archways and some imposing structures, the city is worth visiting.


It’s known as Sweden’s western capital. A trip to Sweden would be incomplete without spending some time in the country’s second largest city. The western gem is worth including on any list of places to tour while driving your campervan around the country. Gothenburg is home to multiple museums, theatres, medieval forests and some wonderfully designed streets. It’s not too far from Haga, which is a reminder of the country’s great royal history should convince you to visit.


The location is more popularly known for the pride of place that it occupies in the history of Sweden. The idyllic town is full of narrow streets as well as low wooden houses. Its history goes back more than a thousand years ago when it was founded just on the shores of the beautiful Lake Malaren. Some of the places worth visiting in your campervan within Sigtuna include the ruins of the 13th Century church, ancient runic stones and several coffee shops.


A motorhome rental anywhere in Sweden that omits a trip to Visby and Gotland wouldn’t give you good value for money. Visby is a medieval town standing proudly on the beautiful island of Gotland. It’s in Baltic Sea, which lies in the south east region of Sweden. Until today, Visby has never lost its aura as preferred place for Hansa merchants as well as seafarers for resting. Visit the city to discover why it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Therefore, you now know what to do when renting a campervan to use it in touring Sweden. Do not forget to check Stockholm, Helsingborg, Gothenburg, Sigtuna and Visby. Sweden has other campervan friendly locations such as Sarek National Park and Gota Canal among others. Before embarking on the tours, check whether your campervan is in the best condition to avoid having to cut your trip short.


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