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Thanks for the help finding a suitable campervan for our awesome trip to Finland.   

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Great deals on campervan hire Finland as  we specialize only in the Arctic countries we can offer motorhome rental in Finland at the cheapest rates available. We work with branded suppliers that include McRent Finland, Touring Cars Finland and Pure Motorhomes. With this trio of campervan rental suppliers we are able to provide a comprehensive choice of campervan hire Finland van sizes from small, budget to family size and luxury class. Small camping vans are always in high demand and popular for couples, the pop up VW vans offer that much needed extra head space. However for real comfort upgrade to the 4 berth option, in Finland these normally come equipped with toilet and shower.

When you need expert advise on renting a motorhome hire Helsinki, Finland we have the answers, please check our FAQ page or contact us at Arcticholidaycampers @ 

Road Trip and RV Camping in Finland

Finland is an advanced country in Northern Europe and boasts of natural wonders such as islands and unspoiled areas. It is home to thousands of lakes and islands which make the country a great travel destination for tourists and campers. While the country is technologically developed, Finns enjoy their summer holidays by fishing, sauna, barbecuing, and other relaxing activities. Be part of this experience by means of campervan hire in Finland.

Know the Road Conditions

Get to know the road conditions before driving off to camp with your rented RV. In Finland, they drive on the right side and overtake on the left lane. From December to February, snow tyres are required and engine heaters are highly recommended. It is also a must to use headlights at all times.

You also need to watch out and be on guard for roaming wildlife such as elk and reindeer, particularly at dusk. If you need to refuel, there are gas stations but not all of them accept major credit cards. Go to manned gas stations if you will use your credit card for payment. Campervan hire Finland is popular during the summer months , however we can offer campervan hire Sweden and other arctic countries. 

More than Just Camping

To cater for the popularity of motorhome hire Finland there are around 330 campsites in Finland and around 200 of them are within the Finnish Camping site Association. Many of these campsites offer cost-effective services and facilities for both local and visiting campers. Many of them are out in the southern part of the country, while others are in the coastal areas. You can expect a lot of forests, lakes and natural wonders where you can enjoy additional activities such as canoeing, fishing, biking, and woodland hikes, among many others.

Check out Nallikari Camping which is located in Oulu Oulu in Lapland if you want a place near the beach. If you want to camp in your rented mobile home, the Ounaskoski Camping is the ideal site to go to. Enjoy the Arctic Circle and some golf as well. The best months to do so are from May to September.

If you really love golfing while camping, the Rastila Campsite near Helsinki is the best option. There are other famous and fun attractions to see and enjoy as well. With a rented RV, your family or friends will surely find the best spot to camp after a long drive of sightseeing and immersing in the wonders of Finland.

Also, don't forget to educate yourself about the camping guides of the country. Here's Finland's camping guide with maps and campsites information.

Towns and Places of Interest

Get to know Finland by traveling the streets of its numerous towns and cities. Helsinki, known as the "Daughter of the Baltic", is the capital city of Finland. Visit a medieval castle, a park and the lakeside if you pass by the town of Hämeenlinna.

The university towns of Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta, and Kuopio are a must-see especially if you have college kids along with you on this road trip. There are lakes, parks and the cityscapes which make these towns quite attractive to families.

For culture and festival lovers, go to the town of Tampere. It is the largest industrial city in Finland and home to culture, museums, art galleries, and the country's music scene. But also make sure to visit the medieval castles and landscapes of Savonlinna and Turku; as well as Vaasa, a town with Swedish influence which is near Kvarken Archipelago - a UNESCO world natural site.

If you want to visit an enchanting place, Lapland is a must in your itinerary. See the Northern Lights and the dark Kaamos skies and the stunning Midnight Sun. Visit Rovaniemi, the region's capital where Santa Clause resides. This winter wonderland is situated on the Arctic Circle and it provides numerous year-round activities and modern facilities and services all this to see by campervan hire Finland.

Campervan Friendly Locations In Sweden
A campervan allows you to travel and see the beautiful sceneries around Sweden. The country is renowned for historic cities and wonderful wilds. More importantly, it also boasts of some of the most excellent and spell-binding campervan friendly locations. Despite the population of roughly 10 million, Sweden is remarkably friendly to campervan travels. The following are the locations worth driving your Swedish campervan rental to when in the country.
Tips on Hiring a Campervan in Norway
Visiting Norway and seeing the scenic spots on a road trip is the best vacation idea you can prepare for your next adventure. This country is ideal for motorhome camping vacations as the Norwegian roadways are long and picturesque, and there are numerous RV campsites and wide open spaces and countryside that are suitable for overnight camping.

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