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Visit the Capital of North Iceland, Akureyri

Akureyri is Iceland's second largest urban area following the capital region, and it is the fourth largest municipality. However, it is also considered a small city in the northern part of the country and nicknamed the Capital of North Iceland. It is a key fishing port and the centre of education, culture, and leisure in the region. Akureyri's moderately mild climate is notable due to its geographical factors and its ice-free harbour has taken part in its history.

Where to Camp in Akureyri

Look for RV campsites with pitches for tents and motor homes, as well as facilities for convenience such as kitchen, laundry, bathroom/shower, and hook-ups for electricity and water. Campsites such as Þórunnarstræti, Hamrar, and Tjaldsvæðið provide these facilities and additional conveniences such as recreation areas for the family, sports facilities, and nearby shops.

Getting Around Town and Seeing the Best Attractions

Akureyri is a small metropolitan town and can be easily navigated on foot. Apart from having accessible tourist spots within the city centre, bear in mind that the terrain can get hilly in some areas that leave the waterline. Many tourist spots area close to each other and are reasonable for walking particularly to healthy and fit travellers.

For the typical tourist, paying for walking day trips in the city is the best way to get around on a guided tour. Similarly, if you are renting a motor home to go around town and its outskirts for campsites and other destinations, it's best to look for parking areas where you can temporarily park your RV.

This picturesque town is located nearby a scenic fjord and it has eclectic buildings and winding streets along the gorges. These characteristics alone are reason enough to walk around the city centre, take pictures of you and your group/family, and discover more scenic spots just within the vicinity.

See the churches and the "art canyon" or Listagilið which is home to numerous art and craft galleries and shops. After a visit at the art canyon, the municipal botanic garden (Lystigarðurinn) and the small museums around town are should be next on your list of destinations.

Other notable spots in town you need to see are as follows:

· Akureyri museums - Minjasafnið á Akureyri, Listasafnið á Akureyri, Nonnahús, Davíðshús, Akureyri Museum of Industry, and Flugsafn Íslands

· the most northerly 18-hole golf course in the world

· Náttúrufræðistofnun Norðurlands or Nature Museum is within the grounds of the city's botanic gardens (opened in 1957)

· Lystigarður Akureyrar in Spítalavegur

· the large churches - Akureyrarkirkja (the town's symbol; Lutheran church designed by architect Gudjon Samuelsson) and Glerárkirkja

· Sundlaug Akureyrar - a town swimming pool

· local restaurants - for a taste of the local cuisine, there are numerous restaurants to go to and to try the specials

Other attractions to include in your list:

The Christmas Cat at Ráðhústorg Square - an artwork built by young people with the supervision of artist Aðalheiður Eysteinsdóttir. The cat appears at the town square a day before the first Sunday of Advent and leaves on the 6th of January.

Gásir - is a medieval trading place located 11 km north of town on the coast of Eyjafjörður.

Glerárdalur Valley - is a long and uninhabited valley on the southwest. It is surrounded by the highest mountains of the region.

Grimsey Island - is home to a hundred people and it is considered as a pearl on the Arctic Circle in northern Iceland.

Helgi the Lean and Thorunn Hyrna (statue) - is situated on the Hamarkot Rocks at Brekkugata street, near the police station. Helgi and Thorunn are the first settlers of the vicinity who arrived around the year 890.

Hrísey Island - is a serene island in the middle of Eyjafjörður and it is a famous destination for bird watchers.

Laufás - is an old rectory run by the Akureyri Museum.

Leafbread - is a traditional Icelandic Christmas cake or bread that is extremely thin. Also known as 'snow flake cake' for its thinness, it evolved a long time in the time of poverty when it was hard to purchase the expensive wheat. Families gather around to decorate individual leafbread by carving elaborate patterns on each one.

Súlur - is the town mountain that rises in the southwest. The trail is quite popular with a walking path up to the peaks. Back and forth, it takes five to six hours worth of walk/hike.

Jólagarðurinn - or Christmas Garden is ten minutes from the city centre. It is open all year-round with shops, garden, and picnic area.

Krossanesborgir - is a reserve area made into a sanctuary in 2005. It is made up of ancient rock formations, particularly million years old basalt.