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Tips on Hiring a Campervan in Norway

Campervan Hire Norway

Visiting Norway and seeing the scenic spots on a road trip is the best vacation idea you can prepare for your next adventure. This country is ideal for motorhome camping vacations as the Norwegian roadways are long and picturesque, and there are numerous RV campsites and wide open spaces and countryside that are suitable for overnight camping.

If this is your first time using motorhome rental in Norway, expect to see world-renowned fjords such as the Geirangerfjord and Trollstigen, Sognefjord, Hardangerfjord, Lysefjord, Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord, as well as the coastal areas, mountains, and various landscapes teeming with flora and fauna.

If the entire family or your best travel buddies are going along, make sure to book a campervan in Norway ahead of time. 'Campervanning' or camping in a rental motor home in Norway is among the best ways of road travelling and discovering new destinations in many European countries, that is why it is important to know what to do prior to your adventure in Norway.

Here are several essential tips on hiring a campervan in Norway:

Choosing the right campervan

Since Norway's roads are long and made for motorhome camping, it is best to choose a campervan that is big enough to hold at least four family members. Six people can fit the bigger motorhomes particularly those that are available for hire in Europe. So make sure size and comfort come first in your selection.

If you are thinking of a VW vintage camper, make sure to find one that's equipped with the much-needed facilities such as a working kitchen stove, toilet, and sleeping areas. However, today's campervans have more useful facilities for the whole family to enjoy especially when you have children on board. Motorhomes with spacious sleeping areas are essentials when there are young ones around, and they make great play areas during the day, while on the road.

What facilities are included?

Even if you are planning to pitch your motorhome at the campsite, it is best to hire a campervan in Norway with built-in kitchen and bathroom/toilet facilities. You can dump toilet waste at designated campsites and some are also available at gas stations.

Basic kitchen tools, gas burner stove, cooler or fridge, foldable beds, and water tank should be available; otherwise, choose a campervan that has these facilities. Don't worry about washing clothes and showering especially if you are nearby campsites in Norway, since you can stop and pitch and do all of these things while you're there.

What are the costs?

The costs of hiring a campervan in Norway will depend on the size and available facilities, as well as the duration of your camping trip. For a rough estimate, you need to prepare at least €500 to €1,500 for a week's worth of campervan rental fee.

While some travelers may think these rates are quite high, they are quite lower or more reasonable than paying for a 3-star to 5-star hotel accommodation. Family cottages and apartment/condo type accommodations are also expensive when you stay there for a week with your family. Plus, the limited opportunities of discovering local sceneries and destinations when staying in these accommodations are enough reasons to choose camping and road travel in a motorhome.

Be ready to pay a higher price for additional facilities other than the basics - both for your campervan hire and campsite. But often times, these are not as expensive as compared to staying in a typical hotel.

Prior to booking a campervan for hire in Norway, make sure these points are covered and you are satisfied with them:

· Check the mileage limits and ask the manager about the consequences if you exceed such limits

· Are there additional costs for insurance and extra driver/s?

· Is there an age limit for drivers?

· In case of a breakdown, what are the arrangements? Is it covered by the entire fee you will pay?

· Make sure the campervan is suitable for long trips - meaning, it has ample space for living and resting, and storage space for your food supplies and personal items.

The only way to make sure your campervan hire in Norway will be successful is to communicate your needs and expectations to the motorhome rental company. The manager should be able to assist you and answer all of your inquiries. And of course, don't forget to ask everything you want to know and clarify things prior to booking a campervan.


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